Christmas through the seasons



Buffy – That first year in Sunnydale, Christmas was pretty low-key. A phone call from Dad, some practical gifts from her mother and one new outfit that she hadnÕt been expecting. She got a new stake from Xander, cookies from Willow, a book (!) from Giles. Of course she had to hide the book and stake from her mother, she really didnÕt want to have to explain why the school librarian was giving her a Christmas present, or why one of her friends thought sheÕd want a wooden stake. No question but that one would have opened some old woundsÉ pun not intended.  Really not much to it.


Spike – Eastern Europe was nice. Enough to eat, plenty of misery, and people who would do whatever was necessary to get out of it.  Dru had been very restless the spring before, nattering on about a new slayer that was going to steal her dollies.  He assured her that if they ran across any slayers, heÕd do what he usually did and kill the new one before she could cause them any problems.  But now it was the holiday season and people were drinking more and becoming even more careless at night, and Dru seemed to have forgotten her worries in the excitement of seeing so many children out and about.  HeÕd had to restrain her once or twice, pointing out that you couldnÕt just snatch a young caroler off the front porch.  Especially in this part of the world where there were still too many people whose tribal memories included knowledge of what they were and how to destroy them.  It wouldnÕt pay to draw attention to themselvesÉ



Buffy – Christmas was better this year.  She had a boyfriend (well, okay, Mom didnÕt know, and he was a vampire, and he kind of showed up for a while and then disappeared, but still – boyfriend, kisses, skating, prezzies), Willow and Xander were now almost part of the family and joined them for cookies and hot chocolate on Christmas Eve without Mom asking questions about how sheÕd managed to hook up with kids so different from her friends at Hemery. Cordelia brought a sense of familiarity with her presence. And Oz. Willow had a boyfriend too! Life was good. Spike was dead or crippled (she really needed to check that out after the holiday, sheÕd been sure that he was gone and that his crazy girlfriend had left town, but now she wasnÕt so sureÉ) the Master was long gone. And best of all, Mom was still feeling guilty about the robot boyfriend and almost ruining BuffyÕs life for him, so the pile of presents with BuffyÕs name on them was huge. Life was good – or as good as it could be for somebody who still had to sneak out every night and run around killing things.  But hey, nothingÕs perfect, right?


Spike – Fucking Christmas. Dru was gone every night and he just knew she was snatching a kid here and there.  He hoped the Slayer wouldnÕt suspect she was around and would blame it on demons.  When he asked Dru if sheÕd seen Angelus, she just smiled that ÒIÕm on another planetÓ smile and cooed, ÒSoon, my prince, soon.Ó  All heÕd wanted to know was if the bloody poofter knew they were still around, but he got nothing from Dru but babbling about getting her family back. Like he wanted that prancing arse back in their lives.




Buffy – As Christmasses go, this one turned out okay. Maybe not right away, what with the First Evil trying to get Angel to kill her or himself.  (What egomaniac calls itself the First Evil, anyway?) But the Powers that Be intervened and sent snow. So – hey, not-any-deader-than-usual-boyfriend, holding hands and walking in the snow, a white Christmas in sunny Sunnydale. Not bad, all things consideredÉ


Spike – Happy bloody Christmas.  Just how he wanted to spend it – watching Dru drape herself all over other demons and listening to her going on again about that bloody slayer. WasnÕt his fault he hadnÕt killed her. That he had to make a truce so that DruÕs fuckinÕ ÔdaddyÕ didnÕt send them all to hell when he ended the world.  HeÕd done it for her. Why couldnÕt she see that?  TellinÕ him they were finished, that he was dead to her.  HeÕd show her dead.  All he needed was a witch to cast a spell over her. A spell to remind her of how much she loved him. That would do it.  He lifted his glass and drained it, gesturing for another round. Yep, that was the ticket. Get himself a witch to cast a love spellÉ



Buffy – okay, new normal boyfriend not all that normal. I can deal. ItÕs not like IÕm exactly the girl next door either.  HeÕs nice. He likes me. WeÕre going to go Christmas shopping togetherÉ  I wonder if I should invite him to the Scoobie Christmas thing? Oh, wait, no, Spike will probably be there. CanÕt let him see that weÕve got Spike.  Somehow I donÕt think heÕll get the whole ÔcanÕt stake him because heÕs harmlessÕ thing.  I really should stake Spike. I mean whatÕs the point of keeping him around? He canÕt really tell us any more about the labsÉ except that now that I know RileyÕs one of themÉ  But it would a real shame to dust somebody who can kiss like that. I wonder if I could get Spike under the mistletoe XanderÕs bound to have hanging somewhere? Not that I really want to kiss him again. I mean, ewwww, itÕs Spike! But still, one amazing kisser. IÕll give him thatÉ


Spike – Another Happy Bloody Christmas. No Dru, no Harm, even. CanÕt even have a bit of drunk reveler to cheer me up.  I suppose the white hats think theyÕre doing me a bloody favor, telling me they arenÕt going to kick me out while they have their little party. Like I want to spend the night watching them eat cookies and drink punch.  Probably tie me to another chair just for the hell of it.  Maybe I can arrange to have the chair put under the mistletoe – could try to coax the Slayer into my lap. ThatÕd be a nice prezzie – hot little slayer body in my lap again, maybe get my tongue down her throat a couple of timesÉ yeah, could be a bit of alrightÉ




Buffy – ÒMerry bloody ChristmasÓ as Spike would say. MomÕs okay, and thatÕs awesome.  Boyfriend is getting suck jobs from vamp hos – not so awesome. Spike gets to watch my face when I find out – totally unacceptable, exceptÉ. I donÕt know what he expected, but he looked surprised and almostÉ sorry? I guess he thought he was doing the right thing, showing me. I never would have believed him if he tried to tell me about it, so I guess he had to show me. Still. Not so much with the ho, ho, hoÕs. I hope Riley doesnÕt take it out on Spike that I found outÉ


Spike – Hate that I hurt the Slayer. I thought sheÕd just be brassed off at the big farmboy. Never expected her toÉ.  I know she doesnÕt love that berk. Not like she did—does the big poof. But had herself convinced she had a normal man in her life, I guess.  Tells me how much of chance IÕve got, doesnÕt it? Not all heroic and souled like the poof, and not all human and undeserving like the soldier. Not that stupid though. IÕll give him that. Figured out why I did it, didnÕt he?  Not that I wouldnÕt have wanted her to know anyway. If the arse got himself turned it would have put Joyce and the Bit in danger too. DonÕt know when the SlayerÕs family got to be so bloody important to me, butÉ  Maybe Clem will bring me another bottle of Jack for Christmas. Could go a long way toward making this hole in my chest feel better. 




Buffy – Christmas without Mom. How am I supposed to do this? No money, no time, and a boyfr— no, not a boyfriend. AÉ aÉ a—no, not a lover. Never a lover. A dirty little secret who wants to be part of my life and is probably going to show up on Christmas Eve expecting to be allowed into the house for cookies and hot chocolate. Gah!


Spike – Another bloody Christmas in my crypt. Slayer hasnÕt said a thing to me about the holiday, other than to moan about not having any money to buy things for Dawn. Damn near broke my nose when I suggested I help her out. Ungrateful bitch. WouldnÕt even let me explain how hard it is for me to watch her struggle like she is. DoesnÕt want to know IÕm not the soulless – alright, I am soulless – but not the unfeeling, evil creature she thinks I am. Know she knows better. She knew it last year, before sheÉ  Alright, sheÕs alive and spending time with me. Guess thatÕs enough of a Christmas present.




Buffy – get Spike back. ThereÕs no Christmas until heÕs free and back with me. IÕm not sure how I know heÕs not dust, I just do. All I have to do is kick uber-vamp buttÉ I can do this. Maybe give the Potentials a little lesson in slaying at the same time. Guess IÕd better get with Xander and make a planÉ The First Evil isnÕt going to ruin this Christmas for me either.  I want my vampire back!


Spike – She came for me. Kept telling myself she would, but didnÕt really believe it. Undeserving monster that I am. Had to fight that ugly fucker to do it, didnÕt she? But she won. Kicked his arse good, if I know my girl. And she came for me. Best Christmas ever.




And thenÉ


Buffy – Okay. So IÕve got thisÉ guyÉ interested in me.  Pluses? Good-looking, rich, charming, likes to danceÉ. Minuses? Older than dirt (Immortal? Seriously? ThatÕs supposed to impress somebody whoÕs died twice?), probably evil, andÉ and so not who I thought IÕd be spending Christmas with.  Suck it up, Buffy. Spike is dead and gone and he wouldnÕt want you to stop living. Think of the upside – expensive prezzies, dancing, good food and wineÉ. If he touches me, IÕm going to break both his arms.


Spike – Look at all the bloody Christmas decorations. Christmas! Here in the bosom of evil.  Should have just gone to Rome as soon as I could. Could be spending the holiday with Buffy. I think. She wouldnÕt have forgotten about me so quickly, would she? Even if she hadnÕt meant it, she would be glad to see me. Know she would. I should have gone when I had the chance.  Too bloody late nowÉ


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