Say You Will  Sept. 2008

by Slaymesoftly

For Kat’s  birthday.


M/M sex/ Spike/Angel

pwp – no redeeming features whatsoever



Say You Will



“I swore I’d never let you do this again.”


“Mmmm. Swore that, did you?”


Spike ran his hand over the older vampire’s naked body, tracing a path to the thick cock now stirring back to life.


“I did. I…oh yes! Right there!”


“’s good to know that you’re a vamp of your word.”


Spike smiled to himself as he gently teased Angel’s cock until it was once again full and begging for attention.


“I am. I’m famous for it…oh, god, how did you…”


“Like that, do you?”


Spike’s fingers were cupping Angel’s balls and stroking the area just behind them. The whole time he kept up a mocking murmur to accompany the way his hand was making Angel gasp for unnecessary breaths.


“So, you don’t want me to leave, then?  Think you’ll let me hang around?”


“Well, maybe…just for a little whi--” With a growl, Angel pushed his hips up and reached for his smirking grandchild.


“Little while’s all it’ll take…”Spike purred, allowing Angel to pull him onto his body.  “You know how fast I can bring you off.”


He stretched his length out, wriggled his hips slightly and rubbing their cocks together.


“Not this time, “ Angel growled, wrapping his legs around Spike’s and holding him in place.  “This time, we’re going to do it my way, at my pace.”


“I love it when you talk dirty, “ Spike gasped, trapped by the larger vampire’s meaty arms and legs.  “But you know you can’t--”


“I can. And I will.  It’ll be just like old times…”


Spike sat up abruptly, breaking Angel’s hold on him.  “No,” he said firmly. “It won’t be just like ‘old times’.  I’m doin’ for you now because I want to. Not because of some bloody rules that say you get to decide who does what, who and how in your little kingdom.” 


In spite of his defiance, he was still astride Angel’s body, now sitting on Angel’s cock, with his own jutting out in front of him. He unconsciously pressed his ass down onto the hard object between his cheeks and watched Angel’s eyes glaze as they focused on the column of flesh in front of him.  The older vampire murmured his agreement, stroking Spike until he felt him shiver, then reaching for him again and pulling him down gently into a languid kiss.


“You’re right.  This is much better than beating you into submission.”


“Too bloody right, it is,” Spike growled, deepening the kiss and opening his legs to trap Angel’s cock between his thighs. 


He made no complaint when Angel rolled them over and began nudging his way toward his goal.


“I’m asking, Will, not telling,” he gasped.  “Please.  One more time. I’ll make it good, I promise.”


Nodding his agreement, Spike went to turn over, surprised when Angel stopped him.


“No,” he whispered, stroking Spike’s face with one hand. “Not this time. Not like that. I want to see you.  Want to watch you cum.”


Angel rose to his knees and pulled Spike’s legs over his shoulders, sliding into him with a care and gentleness that he’d never before shown the younger vampire.  As he slowly began to thrust, he wrapped one hand around the pale shaft in front of him and began to pull. 


Before long, Spike was arching his back and cursing as he writhed beneath his grandsire, inarticulate grunts and cries of pleasure interspersed with the curses as he allowed Angel to have his way. 


Watching Spike’s face twisting in pleasure/pain soon had Angel’s own breath catching and he soon forgot to be gentle, pounding hard into the muscular body beneath him.  He exploded into Spike, barely aware that his cry of release had brought on the other vampire’s orgasm.  Only when he felt the sticky cum on this hand and saw it on Spike’s stomach, did he realize that he had kept his promise.


Spike’s limp legs slid off his shoulders as Angel fell forward, pressing his chest against Spike’s and stretching out to cover the smaller vampire’s body.  When he could, he raised his head and kissed Spike again, rolling off to the side without breaking the kiss, pulling Spike’s unresisting body with him.  When he finally broke off the kiss, they rolled apart, lying on their backs and trying to remember that they didn’t need the deep breaths they were each taking.


Once they were no longer touching, the momentary sense of belonging seemed to vanish leaving two very embarrassed and spunk-covered vampires. 


“So…” Angel began, his voice trailing off when he realized that he had nothing to say.


“Yeah,” Spike agreed, sitting up and searching for his clothes.


“This doesn’t change anything. I still don’t like you.”


Spike smothered a small smile as he leaned down to pick up his jeans.


“Don’t like you either,” he said, pulling them on and grabbing his shirt.  He picked up his boots and began walking to the door.  Without looking back, he said softly, “But I’d do it again if you asked nicely.”


Angel watched the brightly colored head until the door closed behind it, then whispered, “I’ll ask nicely, Will.”



The End


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